Saturday, 23/9/2017 | 12:15 UTC+0
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  • Blood Cancer, Red Blood Cells
    Experimental drug gives hope against blood cancer

    Scientists have developed an experimental drug that could help us fend off blood cancer by stimulating the immune system. According to a study published in journal Nature Medicine, the new drug may stimulate the immune system, which could eventually lead to tumor shrinkage in patients affected by blood cancer. Multiple myeloma is a blood cancer

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  • Wolverine
    Hugh Jackman says he got scars from wearing Wolverine’s claws

    Los Angeles – Hugh Jackman has revealed that he has got scars from wearing Wolverine’s claws – something that he says ‘isn’t really cool’. Jackman has been ‘the Wolverine’ ever since the X-Men movies started and after working with nine movies playing his part as the ‘clawed’ superhero, the Australian actor says he got some

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  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump does not accept FBI’s denial of wiretapping claims

    Washington – A white spokesperson has said that US President Donald Trump does not accept FBI’s denial of the charges that Barack Obama wiretapped the billionaire’s phones last year. According to reports, FBI Director James Comey asked the Justice Department over the weekend to publicly refute Trump’s accusations that Obama ordered wiretapping of Trump’s phones

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  • DNA, Computer
    Scientists develop new ‘magic’ DNA computer

    London – Scientists in the UK have developed a new ‘magic’ DNA computer that is capable of processing as well as storing data and has the capability of outperforming all other known computer systems available today. Scientists at the University of Manchester, UK, reveal that it is possible to engineer a universal Turing machine (UTM)

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  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt opted for sculpture over Oscars

    Los Angeles – Brad Pitt wasn’t present at the Oscars this year and according to a source close to the Hollywood star, the “Moonlight” actor-producer was working on a secret sculpture because of which he decided to skip the award ceremony. Pitt has been working at the LA studio of British artist Thomas Houseago for

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  • 3D Printing
    Plastic in 3D printing could be replaced by plant cellulose

    Boston – Published in the journal Advanced Materials Technologies is a new study demonstrating that plant cellulose could be the renewable and biodegradable alternative to polymers that are currently heavily used in the 3D printing industry. Plant cellulose have found a range of uses in pharmaceuticals, medical devices as food additives, building materials, clothing, and

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  • Aircraft, Airplane
    Alter flight routes to reduce climate impact by up to 10%

    London – A new study by an international team of researchers states that climate impact of flights can be reduced by up to 10 per cent by altering flight paths. Researchers from University of Reading in the UK and their colleagues in the Netherlands showed through their study that airlines could make a large positive

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  • Yoga
    Scientists decode how yoga helps combat depression

    Boston – Yoga has been pegged as one of the best alternative treatment option for a range of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, anger, hostility and fatigue and now a new study claims to reveal how yoga helps combat depression. Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine in the US claim that

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  • beauty and the beast
    Beauty and the Beast facing ban in Russia

    London – Disney’s latest “Beauty and the Beast” is yet to get released, but it turns out that it won’t be released at least in on country – Russia – owing to portrayal of first ever openly gay character in the movie. Russian officials are mulling a ban after reports emerged that the movie features

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