Beauty and the Beast facing ban in Russia

London – Disney’s latest “Beauty and the Beast” is yet to get released, but it turns out that it won’t be released at least in on country – Russia – owing to portrayal of first ever openly gay character in the movie.

Russian officials are mulling a ban after reports emerged that the movie features a homosexual part LeFou, played by actor Josh Gad. Alabama theatres have already revealed that they will not be screening the movie at all. The Russian officials are under pressure to check if the Emma Watson-Dan Stevens starrer breaches the country’s law against “gay propaganda”.

Russia’s Culture minister Vladimir Medinsky says if any unacceptable material is found, the film will be subject to legal action while a member of Russian parliament described the film as “shameless propaganda of sin”.

In 1993, homosexuality was decriminalised in Russia with the country officially taking it off the list of psychiatric disorders in 1999.

As per the 2013 legislation in Russia, homosexuality has been described as “non-traditional sexual relations,” which then faced backlash from human rights activists and the international gay community.

Russian actor Pavel Derevyanko also says, “I will not take my kid to this movie.”

Director Bill Condon recently confirmed all about LeFou’s sexuality during an interview with a gay magazine.