I am Black Belt In Martial Arts: Rahul Gandhi Tells Vijendra

It is a subject 47-year-old Rahul Gandhi is familiarized to facing at public function and professional well known boxer Vijender Singh asked it another time at the annual event of the PHD Chamber of Commerce on few days back. “Iand my wife wishes to know when Rahul bhaiyya is planning to get married,” asked Vijender Singh at the Q&A conference soon after Mr. Rahul Gandhi valedictory tackle here.

I am Black Belt In Martial Arts: Rahul Gandhi Tells Vijendra

In the haggle, the boxer and the rest of the spectators came to know that Mr. Rahul Gandhi is a black belt in the Japanese antagonistic skill of Aikido. Unenthusiastic to answer, Mr. Rahul Gandhi tried to avoid the question, by simply saying as it’s a old one. But the boxer Vijender Singh, whose marriage was attended by Mr. Gandhi a few years ago, continued and asked if he is planning to get married and then become PM of our country. “I believe in fate, and when it [wedding] has to occur, it will occur,” he said. Mr. Gandhi’s reply stirred up a round of applause from the audience. The former Olympian turned certified boxer also asked why politicians stay away from sports. Mr. Gandhi stated that he did not include himself in that group of politicians.

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“I do workout, jog and swim, after all I am a black belt in martial arts, but I don’t prefer to publicize it. Sports are very vital for me and I prefer to spend around 1 – 2 hours every day doing sports,” he stated, and approved to a proposal that he should put small videos of these sports activities on his social media sites. To an additional question whether he would choose to have young faces every time congress party comes to power, Mr. Rahul Gandhi stated, “Any Congress administration in the prospect will be a much fresh and younger government, but there is assessment to experience.”