Lava Reveals Connect M1

The domestic smartphone manufacturer Lava has launched its new phone in India. The company rolled out its new 4G handset named Connect M1. As usual, the phone is extremely low budget device and is specially made for the rural area. The main thing to notice about this phone is that the device is not a smartphone. But, instead it is a feature phone. The company claims that the Connect M1 is the first feature phone of India to have a 4G connection support.

Lava Reveals Connect M1

The phone runs on 1.2 GHz quad core processor. In addition to this, the phone also has 512 MB of RAM. The new Connect M1 sports 2.4-inch display screen along with a VGA camera. Apart from the 4G support, the device also copes with EDGE connectivity and 2G voice calling. The company claims that the handset will be available in all the retail stores across the country in few weeks.

The company commented in one of its blog, “It is pleasure to roll out a feature phone with 4G connectivity in India. The country is moving towards digitalization and we are helping in every possible way.”

Lastly, the price for the feature handset is Rs 3,333. Well, this is a little high for a feature handset in India. But the fact that the phone is providing 4G support cannot be ignored.

In short, the phone will get a mixed reaction in the Indian market. In fact, it won’t get much appreciation. The phone is specially designed for rural population, but the price is damn to high for them to afford.