New Rivals Arrive In The Top-End Smartphone Segment

After quickly losing race to Xiaomi in the general smartphone listing, Samsung, the market leader, has lost not just its leading place to Apple in the top segment in the period of July–September, but has been downgraded to No 3 for the first time ever behind OnePlus in a sector that is witnessing competition like never before. Samsung, on the other hand, argued the findings of the research firm and claimed that it carried on leading the industry by end-sales.

New Rivals Arrive In The Top-End Smartphone Segment

The brawl for the leading position in the high-end sector (Rs 30,000 and onwards) is set to break out additionally in November with players such as Xiaomi, Google, and Nokia in the fight, making life for Samsung and Apple far harder. These two companies have historically ruled this sector. Industry watchers anticipate these brands to provide bundled offers or discounts in this sector to get users in the middle of the heightened rivalry. Apple, for instance, is thought to be collaborating up with Airtel to trade its super premium item on the recently rolled out online store of the telecom company.

“Shares of Samsung dell from 55% to 31% in the last quarter since the premium sector (more than Rs 30,000) was boosted more by Rs 30,000–40,000 group owing to older iPhone and OnePlus models, due to which bulk of the quantity of the sector was slanted towards sub-segment of Rs 30,000–40,000 where Samsung is not that sturdy,” claimed a senior analyst in the industry to the media in an interview.

Apple directed with 35% share in period of July–September, on the rear of iPhone 8, and cost slashes on previous models post GST. OnePlus chased Apple with 32% shares supported by trading of OnePlus 5, according to information from a research firm.

“The South Korean major is going to find it hard to recover in terms of volumes, as the cost gap between its handsets and those of rivals such as OnePlus and Xiaomi, is quite huge in premium sector,” the analyst further claimed. Some experts claimed Samsung might slash cost s or bring out some proposals on the Note 8 to recover share.