US BLM: Solar Energy Site Will Be Eradicated.

The world has been focusing on adopting the solar-based equipment for energy conservation and reduction in the depletion level of the fossils. Many initiative programs for awareness, mergers and acquisitions took place and some of them are still in process to grasp the renewable energy sources to turn them into demanding business.

US BLM: Solar Energy Site Will Be Eradicated.

But the situation in San Luis Valley, U.S. is different right now. United States Bureau of Land Management has advised to abolish one solar panel zone out of four in Valley. Though, the site has a potential for rapid solar development projects.

The authority came to the conclusion due to conflicts natural and cultural resources in nearby region, that is located 13 miles towards East Alamosa.

The total area of the solar zone is across 3,822-acre of the valley.

The rest of the three solar zones consist of the 9,729-acre site at the southeast of Antonito, 2,650 acres at the southwest of La Jara, and 1,064 acres at the northeast of Saguache.

Nancy Keohone, supervisor of the solar program agency in San Luis valley said, “The new order came to us when we were effectively working on the solar zone mitigation plan”.

Native American tribes that are linked with historic references showed a negative feedback to the prospective development in East Zone. Moreover the agency indentified that the development would also hamper the habitation of golden eagles and migratory birds.

Owing to this, the agency will be terminating all the development plans on those solar zones in future.